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Horizon's Featured Spirits


NEW Item! Tijuana Sweet Heat Tequila

Gold tequila and agave nectar make this the best shot for the summer! The sweetness is complemented by white pepper, bell pepper, and spice backed with a touch of cinnamon. The tequila qualities emerge mid palate backed with a light spicy pepper kick.

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NEW Item! Zodiac Vodka

American-made potato vodka distilled in a four-column still and cut with water from the Snake River Aquifer. Amazingly smooth with a slightly sweet aspect in both aroma and palate. Crisp, mild bite to it on the edge of your tongue with virtually no alcohol burn.

NEW Item! Hornitos Spiced Honey

Tequila with a touch of floral honey, rich vanilla and a lingering spice finish. The warm, spicy caramel notes of honey pairs well with a unique spice blend to provide the perfect balance to the citrus and pepper notes.